Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween... or should I say Helloween?

This year, my Boss (the Wife) suggested doing up a Castle for a Halloween decoration for the yard.  Um, OK...

4 sheets of 4' x 8' plywood bolted together and in the process of being painted out in our garage.  The castle's size is about 16' wide x 8-1/2' tall.

Smiling for the camera... Now, GET BACK TO PAINTING so I can get this darn thing out before Halloween is done.

And here it is in the yard with a couple weeks to spare...  (NOTE: I didn't make the werewolf or witch.)

I also decided to do up some 2' wide x 3' tall Tombstones (What do you want on your Tombstone? :-) for myself, my wife, and a friend just for fun.  At first, it was just gonna be a fake Victorian portrait on the Tombstone, but we all decided to go with a Zombie portrait, instead.

Here's mine--it's OK, but it looks like bit like an angry Harry Potter to me.  The missing part of the scalp could even be said to resemble (unintentionally) the lightening bolt scar.  Sigh.

Thank goodness I changed the style of my glasses about 15 years back, which were round at the time... otherwise it would have been kinda sad--as if I were some sort of middle-age Harry Potter wannabe.  Again, sigh...

Here is a portrait of the boss-lady.  I'm mostly happy with this one but, of course, it can **ALWAYS** be much better.  Someday, with practice...

This one also turned out mostly alright.  The portrait part turned out not too bad, but the collar and tie on the shirt look a little rumpled.  It reminds me vaguely of Rodney Dangerfield.  Oh, well...  Again, if they are to to be outside before Halloween, I suppose they'll have to be done for now.  :-)


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