Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Figure Drawing for March 9, 2010

40 Minute Pose

Oopsie!  I guess I'm falling behind schedule...  I'll try to keep on schedule a bit more in the future of 2-3 postings/picture per week.  No guarantees--explicit or implied in this proclamation.   :-)

This was done with watercolor on 11" x 15"  Stonehenge (#110) paper.

Also, as a bit of Trivia, this painting was on the front page of  The La Crosse Tribune as part of a cover story about nude models through the UW-L figuration class I go to when it it offered.  Here is the picture from the website (used on the front page of the paper edition, as well).

And, yes, that is my hand in the picture.  :-)

For those mildly interested, here is a link to the story from the paper.  I'm not sure how long the link will be active, but here it is currently:

As an added note: I just realized the story was posted one year and one day to the date of publication -- March 8th, 2009.  Rats!  I would have posted this yesterday if only I had known.  :-)


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