Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25, 2010 - Chicago ComicCon 2010

Well, we're back from Chicago ComicCon - 2010 and it was BUSY this year!  Last year, we basically walked into the Rosemont Convention Center a half-hour after it opened, presented our tickets, and where on our way in a matter of moments.  This year, the line was winding through the barricades, out the doors, and down most of a block.  Bleh!  

We saw many different famous (and infamous) people, but didn't get to walk past Adam West and William Shatner which would have been fun.  Weirdly, Rod Blah... Blagoy... Rod Blagojevich was there for some reason.  I didn't see him, either, but every time his name was announced as signing, everyone would BOO!, so that was amusing.

Well, here are a few pics, for fun.  Unfortunately, it was so busy I wasn't really able to stop and take too many pictures.

Here's my youngest daughter, who decided to dress up this year.  I created the ax and the armor and she did the rest of the costume.  I thought it turned out pretty nice:

Hey, it's Dr. Mario... with a suppository!  YIKES!!!!

My eldest daughter is a wrestling fanatic... She already has a picture of her favorite wrestler, Kevin Nash, but here's Mick Foley, just for fun:

It's Gojira!  A pretty cool costume:

We did a LOT of walking around looking at famous people, checking out various stuff for sale, checking out many people in cosplay (and many who should NOT), ... I also got to stare at lots of original comic book art which was neat.  Generally, a good time was had by all and I'm sure we'll be back next year.

Back to the normal drawings of Nekkid People next week.  :-)


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