Saturday, October 22, 2011

Figure Drawing for October 22, 2011

Two Year Anniversary!

Well, here it is, 2 years after my first "real" post on the blog (I'm not counting the one where I just said "Hooray, I'm on the InterWebs!").  So far, I've done 399 posts in two years, so, while not all that great, it isn't all that bad, either--an average of a post every 1.8 days.  

Of course, if I was paying more attention, I could have had my 400th post be on the anniversary date, but I suppose it is just as good to have the 400th post be the first of year three.

* * *

This was a painting I did in 2008 for a model who was kind enough to pose for me, personally.  I worked on this painting over the better part of a week when I would have a free hour or two.  It is definitely more finished than my usual postings--which are done within the time limits of the figure drawing sessions I go to.

This was done with watercolor on 16" x 20" Waterford 140# watercolor paper.

For mild amusement, here was part of the process...

* * *

Thanks to everyone for stopping by for the past two years!  Hopefully, here's to another 2 years!  (Maybe more...)



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