Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Figure Drawing for January 1, 2014


Yes, that's right--it's time for me to make that same exact pun that I make EVERY year at this time!  :-)

Well, another year has come and gone, leaving me to wonder what the heck just happened with the last one.  And, I'm sure I'll be writing the same thing next year, and the year after.  And, as luck (and some very minor planning--but MOSTLY luck), this is my 1,000th Figure Drawing I've posted!  

[As for the actual 1,000th Post, that probably won't be until Mid-February (46 more posts to go!  I've had quite a few posts in the past where I posted two, three, or more pics on the same post).]

I have also gone back and "corrected" past posts so they are all pretty consistent with the current formatting.  (WOW!  There's a LOT of 'em!)  So, feel free to browse the archive a bit more, if you wish.  I also went back and added Labels for the length of poses, so that's handy if you're interested in that sort of thing (you know who you are).

I want to take a few moments to thank everyone who has stopped by to take a look, left a message of encouragement or inquiry, and those of you who actually took the effort to follow this Blog.  This is a relatively small Blog (OK, let's be honest, there really is no "relatively" about it... this **IS** a small Blog :-) and I am amazed that anyone outside of family and co-workers has found it at all, let alone taken the time to follow it.  Again, I'm grateful to you all.

And, with that, I will probably take a week or two break and begin posting again soon.

Best to everyone and Peace Out, Y'all!  :-)

* * *

90 Minute Pose

This was done with watercolor / gouache on 11" x 15" (#140) Jack Richeson watercolor paper.



  1. Your work blows me away. It makes me look forward to continuing down the path of an artist.
    I just love seeing your work!!!


    1. Hello Nia, :-)

      **BLUSH** Thank you for your kind words--And **THANK YOU** for following my Blog. Both are very much appreciated. :-)

      There is lots of nice stuff on your Blog (what, they still develop film? ;-). Best of luck on your journey down the artist's path!