Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Figure Drawing for November 11, 2009

15 Minute Pose

Boring history: I had several sheets of illustration board which I was going to cut down to 8" x 10" and do some paintings with them.  Unfortunately, when the printer cut them, they were closer to 7" x 10" and they wouldn't fit into a 8" x 10" picture frame, as planned.  Rats!  The boards sat on the shelf for nearly a decade--too oddly-sized for my needs--before I dusted 'em off, gessoed 'em up, and thought to use them to do painting studies.  Turns out they were useful after all.  The Island of Misfit Painting Supports, I suppose...

This painting is a little impressionistic.  But, if you squint just right, you may be able to see a figure somewhere in those mass of brush strokes.

This was done with black and white acrylic paint on an approximate 7" x 10" gessoed illustration board.


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