Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Figure Drawing for May 18th, 2010

Hey, it's another drawing!

In honor of my boss, the wife, having a birthday today, here's a drawing based on a photo I snapped a few years ago, which I found cute.  It was around Easter and we had a pair of bunny ears laying about.  I had her put 'em on and give me a faux frownie-face mixed with a smirk.

Happy Birthday, Baby!

This was done in about 2 hours and is charcoal, carbon pencil, white chalk and white acrylic paint on 7" x 10" gessoed illustration board.

The background was painted with various gray tones which I worked over with charcoal and carbon pencil, along with white chalk for the highlights, as well as white acrylic paint.  Overall, I think it turned out pretty well.

And don't even THINK about asking her how old she is...  ;-)



As an added bonus, I usually create my own birthday cards when I have the time, so I thought I would include the one I created this time around.  I may post others in the future, just for fun... we'll see.



I cut out all the mushy stuff below the fold, if you will, so people don't throw-up in their mouths while reading this.  :-)

This was done in about 90 minutes, give or take.  It is watercolor and ball-point pen done on fawn-colored Stonehenge paper, with Chinese White watercolor for the highlights.  It measures about 4-1/2" x 11" and is folded to make a card which measures 4-1/2" x 5" finished card.  The word bubble was printed out on my laser printer on normal copy paper, cut out, and glued onto the card with rubber cement.  The interior lettering is just my crappy handwriting/printing with a ballpoint pen and Sharpie marker for the extra-bold portion.

Most of the time my birthday cards are a bit more snarky, but this time I guess I decided to cut the boss a break.  ;-)


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